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Digital ui/ux designer


ui/ux designer

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My name is Aleksandr Yaremenko and I am ui/ux designer Show real with focus on creative and product digital design solutions, and based in Kiev, Ukraine

I'm an advocate for detailed execution and proper user experience, as both are equally important when making better products. I'm a type lover, and really fond of minimalist design.

A few of the brands I had the pleasure to design for are:
Society is familiar with bad design better than good. It's because of this that people prefer bad design to good. They are too accustomed to what they have. Everything new is begins to frighten, and old is comforting for them.


years experience

I am able to quickly understand the needs and possible approaches of each project , to ensure the best innovative solution.

My idea of great product design combines a user centered approach with a strong and appealing visual language .

Connections & inspirations

I look for them everywhere. In architecture, food, furniture, design, geometry, and travel. I find elements that work together — or clash magnificently — and fuse them into a wholly original vision .

Goal &

My goal is to create lasting relationships between my clients and their audience through meaningful experiences.

Each mission is unique and, from startups to major companies, I shape my proposals around each issue. I’m here to help you turn your brief into something brilliant .

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Let's get in touch , for any project inquiries or even simply say hi, If you are feeling really adventurous, just drop me a line.